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Q. What is Clixta?


A. Clixta is a photo sharing social network completely focused on the past. A simple, fun way to share your pre-digital images.


Q. What do I need to use Clixta?


A. You will need an iPhone, iPad or Android device to begin with. A web browser version is on it's way.


Q. How do I get my photos onto Clixta?


A. Simply PoP them on using Clixta’s easy to use, built in camera or scan them into your PC and upload them via your device.


From Q4 2015 you will also be able to upload directly from your Mac or PC using the new web browser based version of Clixta.





Q. Who can I share my photos with?


A. You  can share them with just your family and friends, or with the entire Clixta community by making them “Public”.


Q. How do I find people on Clixta?


A. There is a simple search facility built in, just remember to select “people” when you want to find friends or family.


Q. What are #tags?


A. Tags (sometimes called #tags or hashtags) are simply a way of letting other users find your images easily by searching for keywords. For instance, if you tag your photograph with “Alnwick Castle”, anyone who searches for Alnwick Castle will see your photo in their results.


Q. How many tags can I add to one photo?


A. You can add as many tags as you like to each photo, in fact the more you add the better it will be for everyone on Clixta.


Q. Can I add audio tags to my photos?


A.  Audio tagging is a feature we plan to introduce in a future release. This will allow you to record what you remember about your photograph using a very simple voice recorder.


Q. What do you mean by “story”


A. Simply the story behind the photo! You can describe your photo in one line or you can describe it in great detail. It’s up to you! Your Clixta friends will also be able to suggest additions to your story. Maybe they can remember something you have forgotten about the day it was taken for instance.


Q. Can I control the stories and tags that are added to my photo by others?


A.  Absolutely. You will have total control over any stories or tags suggested for any of the images you upload to Clixta.


Q. Why can’t I upload photos from last week or even last year?


A. In truth you can, but Clixta is all about bringing the past alive, sharing it and keeping it safe for future generations. There are enough places in the cloud catering for the enormous amount of daily snap shots. By concentrating on the pre-digital era, we hope to create a fascinating world in which every image has meaning and hopefully a great story attached to it.





Q. Can I delete some photos and replace them with different ones?


A. Yes

Q. How safe is the storage system you use?


A. Clixta is held on Amazon Web Services, a cloud based service that is incredibly robust and widely used by leading technology companies such as Netflix, Pinterest, AirBnB, Adobe etc. So you know your images are in safe hands.


Q. Is there a limit on file size for each photo?


A. No.


Q. Will the original file size be stored or do you compress them?


A. Yes, your image will be safely stored at its original resolution (Quality). But it will be displayed on Clixta in a lower resolution to help keep things nice and speedy: no waiting around for photos to load.


Q. Can I view my Clixta photos when I’m not connected to the Internet?


A. No.  As with most photo-sharing apps, Clixta is “Cloud based”. This means that you will only be able to see the images on Clixta if you have an Internet connection. However, images you have PoP’d will be stored in your device’s camera roll until you delete them.


Q. Can I print any photograph on Clixta?


A. There is no direct print facility built into Clixta. As part of our future development, we will be introducing ClixtaPrint. This will allow users to order prints and gifts from any photos they have permission to use


Q. Who do I contact if I have a technical problem?


A. If you have any problems at all with Clixta please use the contact form HERE to get in touch


Q. Will you create a version for Blackberry and Windows mobile?


A. Other platforms will be introduced, but we don’t have any firm dates for these at this time.





Q. Who can see my photos?


A. You decide. You can choose to keep them completely private, share only with family and friends, or share them with the Clixta community by making them “Public”


Q. I'd like to use a photo I found on Clixta


A.  This isn’t possible in V1, but from V2 we hope to have a built in system that will allow the simple purchase of a “rights” licence. This will make it incredibly easy to request permission.


Q. Can others download my photos to their own device?


A. There is no direct download facility built into Clixta


Q. Who owns the “rights” to the photos I upload?


A. Whoever took the photograph in the first place owns the rights to that image, unless they have transferred those rights or the image is “out of copyright”. We have a very helpful section all about copyright HERE


Q. What do I do if I see inappropriate content?


A If you come across inappropriate content you can use the simple flag system built into Clixta.



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