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PRESS RELEASE 01 June 2015



CLIXTA Launches ‘Keep the past Alive’ Campaign


Creators of a new online platform are looking to create a movement in the UK to save our old photographs from fading away or simply gathering dust under the bed.


The Clixta app is designed to give old photos a new lease of life. Research has shown time and time again that our photos are amongst our most treasured items. The older they are, the more interesting they become and the more we value them.


Crucially, the Clixta team have kept things very simple, You can scan images in the traditional way or simply photograph them via the Clixta app using the ‘Photo of a Photo’ (PoP) technique which allows you to quickly snap that old image, then upload & share it in seconds. Ironically the device that is burying the past with millions of digital images per second could be the device that help us all keep the past alive.


However as Dean and Shaun of Clixta say ‘Separating the old images from the current mass of daily digital images is a great feature of Clixta…our focus is the past, we are an unusual social media movement in that we are looking back and not forward, enjoying the personal memories attached to these images and keeping them alive for generations to come’


Despite our love of old photos, we don't often get chance to share and enjoy them. The developers of Clixta say that “Clixta is a simple and inspiring way to share and explore your past with friends and family, it doesn't stop there though, in taking part, you will become part of an unprecedented, global social history project, almost by accident. Most of these images will also include a street, village, town, city or landmark of some description, some could also include famous people, famous objects etc. If we all dig out just a few images, the results will be jaw dropping.”


Today's call to ‘Keep the past alive’ is a very noble one, not just to households across the UK, but to historical societies and to special interest groups too.

"These groups will have some real hidden treasures in their archives, Clixta offers them the opportunity to share, explore and commercially exploit these resources, using the same simple app enjoyed by the individual. We see these groups as a very important element of Clixta, and we are very excited by the prospect of giving them the tools needed to make the most of their archives. For the first time ever, they will have a 'focused', easy to use platform for creating a digital back up of their valuable photographs"


So Dust off the cobwebs and start enjoying the past…not only are you likely to discover some things about yourself, your family or town, you may even earn a little bit of money from one of these treasured gems.





For further information about Clixta please contact Creo Creative Communications HERE




The A-Z of Clixta - A new way to share old photos



Clixta brings old analogue photos to life on a simple platform that allows you to explore and enjoy the past. "Old photos shared in a new way", fill in the gaps and share them in ways that release their true potential. A is not for a traditional Archive, Clixta is a world first, an alternative, focused ‘pre-digital’ photo sharing movement that aims to capture the imagination of of its users and "Keep the past alive"


Beautiful and simple.

Our aim is for your old photo to come alive in a simple and beautiful way. No complex archive systems, no overbearing advertisements and most importantly, no clutter from the mass of modern digital debris that exists elsewhere (this is our biggest challenge).



Clixta will automatically provide users with the correct cover.



Happy memories don't survive forever in print or on CD, and Clixta is one of many way to store those images safely in the cloud…But STOP, we are not simply a storage facility, we also offer the opportunity to save & share the memories attached to these wonderful old images. Memories that are in just as much danger of being lost or discarded as the photos themselves. So dust of the cobwebs and enjoy saving & sharing those photos that we truly value.



Research shows that or old photo are amongst the most treasured items that we posses…so lets start enjoying them again.


Friends and Family.

You create your network of groups, sharing couldn't be easier.



Whilst it is our aim to start small and grow from firm foundations, the global opportunity is significant. How many faces, places and moments remain lost in the attic, hidden under the stairs or gathering dust in a hidden corner of the globe? How many of these could have real significance for historians the world over? What might they reveal about the famous and infamous that we believe we already know?  It is our challenge to bring these forgotten treasures back to life – rediscovering memories for our families and our global family alike. local go Global



Clixta is the perfect resource for Historical societies across the world to share, build and create a resource for the community. Create and curate your own site allowing members to update the story behind the photo, upload new photos and fill in the missing gaps of your town.  Build your membership, engage with your group but most importantly reveal those hidden treasures.



Be the first person in your family or group to join the Clixta movement. As Clixta grows to become a worldwide phenomenon, wouldn’t it be great to say you were there at the start?


Jargon Free



Keep the past alive.

This our key message…we could say “Keep the past alive and have fun doing it”, but that’s a little bit long.



What happens when parents and grandparents pass away, leaving behind photos without a story, undocumented and often under dust. Clixta is the perfect platform to keep these alive, reveal the story and reignite those memories. Don't wait until its too late…enjoy and preserve the past.



A new movement is set to take the world by storm. Clixta will become the “go to place” for pre-digital images. As it grows, so will the pleasure of using it along with the sense of achievement offered from saving these vital memories for future generations.



Our starting point and home of Clixta.


Old photos new Opportunity.

Clixta offers the opportunity to license your more interesting photos to be used in media and publishing etc. Unlike others, we will return the Lion’s share of this revenue to the user.



Stands for Photo on Photo. Our smartphones and tablets are more capable than ever of being used as high quality cameras, but with the simple app from Clixta they can also replace your scanner, making it a quick & easy way to save and share your precious memories.


Quality & Quantity.

Clixta as a great way to store and share your old photos, but we are more than that, when you join Clixta you become part of a movement to keep the past alive, to fill in the missing gaps. You will want to post all of your old images, and that’s great, but we recommend prioritising to start with, and saving your most important images first. This is also an opportunity to do some “pruning”!


Resource and Research.

The potential for social historians is enormous. Imagine being able to access the millions of photographs and associated memories currently hidden away, truly phenomenal! R is also for Restoration…make use of our professional restoration network to help restore your image and fight against the ageing process.



Nearly every family has a “shoebox of pictures” hidden away.  Clixta can be seen as a virtual shoebox of pre-digital era images either re-photographed using a mobile device (PoP) or scanned in.  This virtual shoebox has several uses, it can act as a simple online photo album, be used for a streaming slideshows, images can be selected to be used in products such as calendars, prints, mugs etc. However most importably it is your gateway to exploring the past, filling in the gaps and sharing your images with friends to build up your past. Snag - request help from others on dates, faces and places.  Become part of the wider social history project by posting images into the public domain on Clixta places, faces and events.
Your shoebox can expand swiftly by accepting images from friends and family.  The Big Shoebox. Similar to your shoebox but not surprisingly bigger and more importantly ‘public’. This is the forum to invite a wider audience to contribute to your image or for you to add your knowledge to images made public, and maybe even earn a bit of cash.



Essential to the success of Clixta as a resource is the tagging of every image. All users will be encouraged to include the basic details, but best of all will be the ability to ask others for help.



And start smiling…



Research has shown time and time again that our old photos are amongst our most treasured items and the older they, often the more interesting they become and the more value we place on them.


What Clixta is?
A dynamic and safe platform to store, share and earn rewards from your old photos. A memory bank (a vault in the cloud) for previously lost or hidden faces and places. A collaborative platform to explore, share and enjoy unique, meaningful images of the past. An opportunity to release the value of these revived images and to reconstruct past places and events.
What Clixta is not - Clixta is not about highly polished, digital age photography. There is of course a place for professional photography on the internet, but we would argue that many amateur photographs, especially those of the past, hold a far greater fascination and significance. Nor is it a suppository for millions of aimless teenage snapshots, for these too are already well catered for.



Not needed anymore :)



Clixta needs YOU! This whole movement relies on the involvement of individuals and interest groups alike. It will take a little bit of effort to PoP your images onto Clixta but the reward will be unmeasurable.



Zoom in and out of your own past, that of your family and friends or even just the world at large. Go as deep as you like, you never know what you might uncover, that’s Clixta!

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